Home Staging Tips to Sell Faster

Monday, May 2, 2022   /   by Melissa Vike

Home Staging Tips to Sell Faster

Staged homes can sell quicker and for a higher price, because they showcase the home’s best features and downplay its weaknesses. 

What is Home Staging? 

Home staging is the process of preparing a home for sale by increasing its appeal to a wide range of homebuyers.  

You want homebuyers to easily envision themselves moving in and living there. They need to see it as their dream home. 

Here’s what you can do: 

1. Focus on the key rooms 

There are several areas that homebuyers are zeroing in on when they look at your home, with the living room, kitchen, primary bedroom, and dining room topping the list. 

If you can’t get to every room, make sure that you spend your time, energy, and money on these rooms. 

2. Clean, clean, clean 

If you can’t stage every room in your home, you can still clean every room. It’s essential. It signals pride of ownership and that you have cared for the house over the years. 

Ensure that appliances are spotless, baseboards are dusted and the bathrooms sparkle.  

3. Declutter your home 

Go room by room. Organize your items in piles: the things you want out of your life and the ones that can go into storage, until you’re ready to move. The less clutter, the bigger the space will look. 

4. Depersonalize the space 

While you are decluttering, be sure to remove any personal items from display. Buyers need to visualize the space as their own and your family portraits can make it hard for them to imagine. 

5. Add Plants 

Freshen up your space with live, thriving plants. They can do wonders to make your home feel more inviting.  

6. Fresh Paint 

A fresh coat of paint can certainly go a long way. People’s colour preferences vary widely, and bold choices may scare people away. Your best bet is to go with light, neutral colours. 

7. Let There be Light 

You want your home to feel bright and welcoming. Take advantage of natural light and open your curtains and blinds to let light pour in. 

8. Furniture 

When it comes to furniture, less is more. The goal is to make your house look bigger and open. Furniture takes up space and can make the home feel cluttered. 

9. Boost the Curb Appeal 

Make your home sparkle with a power washer. Remove dirt and grime from your siding, roof, fascia and gutters.  

Be sure to freshen up your front door with a coat of paint. Pay attention to the little things like the house numbers, mailbox and welcome mat. 

As you can see from this list, staging a home doesn’t have to be complicated. Go room by room and be critical about what will appeal to prospective buyers. 

A staged home is more likely to leave buyers with a better impression than one that hasn’t been staged, with the potential to fetch higher offers!